On Monday I was dreaming.

In my dream I had moved in with this family. In the family was an older sister. She was pretty snobby and had her own "room" in the front of the house. Then there was an older brother. He was tall and slim with dark hair, and brown eyes. He was super cute. Then there was the mom. You know the "MILF" from American Pie, or the nail tech from Legally Blonde? That was the mom. Finally there was a little brother.

Anyways I am living in this scary dark house. The mom leaves at some crazy hour to go to work and while she is away I hear the little brother crying from his room. I go in to his room to see what is wrong and I see the older brother being paid by two of his friends. The two friends had paid the older brother for permission to rape the younger brother. I said out loud "What are you doing?".

The older brother pulled me out of the room and lead me back to my room and said "None of your business. You're NOT going to do anything" and he left me in my room. I heard the younger brother cry out again. I started crying. Finally I was like "I can't let this happen" and I ran back to the little brother's room and I kicked the two friends out of the house.

The older brother watched me do this and he said "You're going to regret that". Later on he stole $250 from his mom's room and planted it in mine. He was going to blame me for stealing the money from his mom's room. Luckily I found the money and when the mom got back I returned it to her and explained verything that happened. She said "Oh that sounds like my son. Thanks sweetie".

I was surprised but basically like, whatever. So later on I got home from a date with a really nice guy and the older brother came up to us and kicked him out of the house. Once again I was like "What are you doing?" and he pushed me up against the wall. "I don't want you seeing anybody but me. You're mine now" and he kissed me. I liked him... Then I said "But you're horrible" and as he was walking away he said "You'll love me anyway".

Then I woke up...
The Star Light Star Bright kit is a new beauty set by Fresh. It is on sale with Sephora for only $28 and it's everything you need to create a polished image while on the go.

What I love about Fresh is that they always place on emphasis on skin care and letting the unique you shine through. That means no messy eyeshadows, cakey foundations, or any ridiculous concoctions. If you're in a hurry, this kit is a quick and easy fix to finish your look.

Start with the Freshface "Twilight" Glow. It basically your bronzer/blush, it will add warmth to your face and soften your features. Then your Sugar Rose lip treatment. It is moisturing, has an SPF15 and will give your lips a unique shade of pink/red that warms up to YOUR skin. After that we have the Supernova mascara that will open your eyes in just one swoop. Finish it all off with their sugar perfume for a nice clean scent. You will glow naturally and people will compliment your beauty, and not your makeup.

"Today, I asked my hip, young secretary about someone I assumed was a rapper because my 15 year old son kept discussing with his friend how much his girlfriend likes this individual. My secretary looked horrified and did not answer. I later found out why. The 'person' I asked about? Dirty Sanchez. FML"

Umm... Two things...

1. The son's girlfriend is a slut.

2. I think Dirty Sanchez is my favorite new rap artist.
1. A set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena.

- - -

I suppose the word isn't so weird.

But I was thinking, wouldn't Theory be an adorable name for a little girl?
Dear Princeton,

You've made it through your design class at the Royal Academy and you're already a week into color! How exciting is that? Your life's work is starting to pay off.

Remember in 2007? Things were so great for you. You had your job at The House of Beauty, your family, your dreamy boyfriend. Everything was like a fairy tale. You partied and had all the clothes and expensive hair product and stuff that you wanted. Those days are going to be here again soon.

All the struggles you've had over the years are what got you into the Royal Academy. Now it's up to you. You have the financial aid, the family support. Just make your dreams happen.

Don't be discouraged. Remember how happy doing hair makes you. Remember how you can talk about fashion, makeup and product for hours on end. Remember your love and passion for everything artistic. Don't ever let anyone take that away from you.

You'll have so many doors open for you. Once you are licensed, between your creative prowess and your business acumen every employer under the sun will want a piece of you. Not to mention every man ;)

No but seriously, the whole romantic thing will work itself out. Not to sound stereotypical but there are a lot of fish in the sea and you are quite the catch.

Maybe we should set a few goals and see how you do? Alright. First off, pass your technical class. It's a big deal and you CAN do it! Secondly, write your novel about Petra. She's a cool character and you can totally write her out. Thirdly, have you found a decent job to have while you're in school? Fourth, read some books! You can't write if you don't read. FINALLY, save up some money. Put it in the bank, keep a clear account, build credit or something.

So here's to the next year. I love you!

On Sexy Saturdays I will be telling you all about what's new in the world of fashion and beauty.

To kick things off let's talk about one of the latest hair trends. I've been seeing it all over school and as of recently, celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Lauren Conrad have been rocking this style. Braided bangs. Fashion or fad? You tell me!
"Today, as I got into an elevator, I spotted a little old lady hobbling desperately to get on. I frantically tapped on the 'door open' button but the doors closed. I got dirty looks from the people in the lift, only then did I realize I had frantically tapped the 'door close' button instead. FML."

I'm just gonna keep it real. That one was freaking hilarious. I can totally visualize some poor old woman running up to the elevator while some douche bage is vigorously punching the close button on the door. Seriously though, I wonder if she got on?

"..Isnt it ironic? We ignore the ones who adore us, Adore the ones who ignore us, Love the ones who hurt us, and Hurt the ones who love us..."

This had been such a rough week at school. I'm having so much new information thrown at me in such a short period of time and my brain is literally on overload. I came home in such a horrible mood today and it was so out of character for me.

I'm not the only one either. I feel like a lot of my friends and family have been having a rough patch in their lives as of lately. Well tonight I am turning that around. I want to say a quick thank you to this guy Nathan. I love you and having you in my life has brought a smile to my face!

I'm sending out positive energy and love to everyone out there who is having to really fight for their dreams. Dreams do come true, and sometimes the destination is absolutely worth the climb.


When, in cases of extreme thirst, a person using a soft-drink fountain fills the beverage container, chugs it, and then fills it again before sitting down to eat.

Person 1: Hey man, why did it take you so long to get a soda?

Person 2: I was prefilling my cup; I've been thirsty all day.

- - -

I always get refills when they are free. But a prefill? That's just amazingosity. I think I'm going to start doing that.